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We have a wide catalogue of bags, reels and cardboard that allows you to order small quantities and not fill your shop with packaging that you don't need yet. You will be able to order small quantities that will also allow you to save a few euros without having to pay exorbitant prices and without suffering endless delivery times.

We want to make it easy for you so that you can place your order "by yourself", at any time, without waiting and from anywhere.

How do we do it?

We are manufacturers! and in addition to having thousands of references in stock in our warehouse, we can manufacture customised packaging. If you can't find the size you need or you want to personalise your packaging, you can contact us on 673 90 42 53 or at and we will help you find the packaging you need.

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How do I order?

Search for your product

We have hundreds of items organised by type. Use the main menu at the top of the portal and browse through the different drop-down menus. You can also use the search engine by typing in a keyword or use the selection of recommended packaging from the marketplaces

Choose your format

Within each product you will find a list of sizes or references available for purchase. Select the format to check the price, and add the quantity of packaging you need to your cart. Don't forget to check the technical details of your packaging and make sure it's what you need!

Complete your order

Check your cart before confirming your order and don't forget to take advantage of the direct discounts we offer for purchases of more than 10 packs per product. Log in or create your new customer profile and once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your ID number.

Why choose us?

More than 500 references in stock

We know what you need and we stock the formats that are essential for your business.

Forget about taking up space in your warehouse with packaging you don't need yet. Buy small quantities, at the best price.

Personalised packaging

We print your design with your logo for your business packaging. We can customise practically any packaging.

Make a difference and make your packaging a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Technical assistance

Do you have doubts about the ideal size for your product? Don't worry! We are specialists and we have more than 10 years of experience behind us. Contact us and we will help you find the perfect packaging for your business.

New products and novelties

We adapt to European packaging regulations to be at the forefront of the sector.

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We are environmentally friendly

We encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging. Aware of the environmental problems, we are committed to recyclable and biodegradable solutions.

We are committed to the reduction of plastic packaging and we are replacing all non-recyclable packaging with more sustainable options.

Customers have already trusted us


Artisan bakery that makes Pan de Cea bread in a sustainable way, and that also decided to use our biodegradable and compostable paper bags for their bread


Pharmacy specialising in magistral formulation. This business is committed to differentiation and has been relying on our personalised paper bags for years.


Organic produce market that sells organically produced food. They trust us and pack some of their products in compostable paper bags.

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